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About me

I started my formal training in Art over 35 years ago at Wrexham art college I then went onto to study a BA in 3D glass design.. Immediately I pursued my career in glass as a self employed
artist .. several years later I met my husband .. ( also a glass artist ! ) and we combined our skills and love of glass to open our own Glass studio business .. we now specialise in contemporary lighting and installations.

Despite having a long career within the arts for over 30 years, I never had the confidence or the opportunity to step off my career path to start painting again. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

At the end February 2020 I started an immunosuppressive biological treatment for my ulcerative
colitis, at the same time COVID 19 was emerging; at this point I was advised to start shielding.

Unable to leave the house this was the opportunity I had been longing for, the perfect start painting again!
Initially I wanted to start with a series of paintings purely for myself .... I painted a series of pictures depicting myself as a Goldfish. The Goldfish was a representation of how I was feeling during my time shielding, illustrating my feelings isolation and loneliness.

My style has always been very free and distinctive using a limited palette and a combination of watercolour with Pen and Ink . I love the fluidity and transparency of watercolour and the use of a pen allows me to express extra movement and feeling with dynamic mark making.

I’m naturally drawn to anything with “faces”, whether they are animals or people, simply because I love the feelings and emotions that they contain.

I enjoy the challenge of interpreting new subjects with my emerging and evolving style and palette of techniques

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